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Assalamu Alaikkum.

Yeah It is Me!
I'm a striving muslimah! Just after stepping out of my teens and joining my work, I am into writing this blog with whatever that strikes my mind and am interested after seeing on the internet. I love reading and studying and now am trying to use it positively to mitigate the misery of the life in Dunya and focus on the bliss of Jannah. I'm trying to remind myself the purpose I am here for so I keep writing, everything I write is first for me and then for the rest.Apart from my busy schedule and household chores my passion includes spending time with friends and squealing at tiny animals.

Why Random Thoughts?
Well yeah, I'm that one case of being random, I can't explain myself the same way twice (unless I copy and paste the description, ;) ) I'm a muslimah striving, love to help, jovial and active in social media. My mainstream is not to one topic it is anything at any time. (But not the forbidden or evil stuff). As my mood changes in random ways every moment so does my thoughts.

Where Else Can You Find Me? 
You can also catch me in other places of the internet:
Twitter: @FManal09
Facebook: Manal Ibham
Pinterest: Manal Ibham
Turn To Islam: Manal09

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