Wednesday, May 27, 2015

United we Rise, Divided we Fall

Have we forgotten about the colonial butchers who wiped out a chunk of the Ummah over the last 200 - 300 years? Then they struck the core Constantinople in 1924 and began to carve out and divide our lands and imprison people within boundaries.

The colonialist forced Millions of people to leave their properties, hundreds of thousands were martyred, thousands were dishonored, but the Muslims never regret for they know that their compensation lies with Ar-Raheem! Soon after the Colonialist gave them little flags and installed little puppets to keep their new formed colonies in regulation and kept the people busy with Nationalistic sentiments and independence.

As for what we face today, Islam remains the beating heart of our being as individuals and as a Muslim people. We are restless before a new oppression, a British Raj, an American-Hindu Raj, which seeks to lay to waste the historical and momentous sacrifice of our forefathers.

Traitors within the ranks of our military and political leadership, the ignoble sons have opened these pure lands to the filth of American intelligence and private military organizations. Leaving the American embassies, consulates and bases secure and safe to carry out their mischief. Blindly executing the orders of the Kuffaar and their capitalism, whilst throwing the Shariah rules behind their backs, these traitors have laid waste to our economy despite our abundant resources.

This is why, today we have, economy where interest is halal, state's right to resist the foreign invaders ( Corporations, NGOs, Intelligence Agencies ) is haram. Shariah and its state of Khilafah is the only way to liberate us from the Zionists new world order.

Let us stand together, reject the lowly invitation of the treacherous to participate in the sin of democracy and fully embrace the struggle to return Islam as a rule over us, depending on Allah (swt) alone, securing a victory over which the oppressed Muslims all over the world will rejoice.

“And that day the believers will rejoice in the victory of Allah. He gives victory to whom He wills, and He is the Exalted in Might, the Merciful. [It is] the promise of Allah and Allah does not fail in His promise, but most of the people know not.” [Surah Ar-Rûm 30:4-6]

Original post: ElevateD