Wednesday, May 27, 2015

United we Rise, Divided we Fall

Have we forgotten about the colonial butchers who wiped out a chunk of the Ummah over the last 200 - 300 years? Then they struck the core Constantinople in 1924 and began to carve out and divide our lands and imprison people within boundaries.

The colonialist forced Millions of people to leave their properties, hundreds of thousands were martyred, thousands were dishonored, but the Muslims never regret for they know that their compensation lies with Ar-Raheem! Soon after the Colonialist gave them little flags and installed little puppets to keep their new formed colonies in regulation and kept the people busy with Nationalistic sentiments and independence.

As for what we face today, Islam remains the beating heart of our being as individuals and as a Muslim people. We are restless before a new oppression, a British Raj, an American-Hindu Raj, which seeks to lay to waste the historical and momentous sacrifice of our forefathers.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Intentions Beware!

With the connection to the entire world at our fingertips we are able to share our days, thoughts and needs with the entire world with just the click of a button. This has also been a reason for many social activities and actions taking place online. This varies from fundraising, petitions, awareness programs to local neighbourhood activities. 

I am no exception to be among the ones who shared heart breaking pictures of Syrian kids, lost families and their devastated homes to create awareness on the situation  and tell the world their plight. I have also not failed to see our young ummah who travelled to different nations to help our suffering ummah, get their real time pictures and upload on social media, so the rest of the world is enlightened on their agony.