Thursday, September 11, 2014

Addicted to Pornography?

“Allah has decreed for every son of Adam his share of zina, and there is no way to escape from it. The zina of the eye is a glance, the zina of the tongue is speaking and the zina of the mind is wishing and hoping; then the private part either acts upon this or it does not.” [Bukhari and Muslim]

Pornography has got its vile grip among many youngsters and adults alike. With the increased ease of access to pornography through internet children too are subjected to this pernicious habit or rather accurately called 'addiction'. 

Studies reveal pornography on the long run leads to reduced productivity at work / studies etc, lowers self-esteem. A study from University of Sydney, which is at its preliminary stages,  found that excessive passion for porn increases severe social and relationship problems in an individual. 43% of those surveyed started watching porn between the age of 11 and 13, and 20% of them prefer smut than real intimacy with partners. Smut causes its viewer to disconnect from the society, isolation, and their carnal knowledge is often an imitation of reel than real.