Thursday, June 26, 2014

Stab My Hijab?

You must not have seen this in the mainstream media, definitely not! While the whole world is busy celebrating the FIFA 2014 world cup a Muslims sister was stabbed 16 times to death for the mere sake of wearing a hijab?

Nahid Almanea was a Saudi student of University of Essex, doing her PhD in life sciences, she was stabbed 6 times in her brutal and savage attack, as she was on her way to her lectures on Tuesday. 31 year old sister, was reported to be living with her brother who usually accompanied her to her university but on the day of incident has set off early, hence Nahid had take her route alone. 

Nahid who arrived just 6 months ago sustained knife wounds in her head, neck and body, when she was found dead in a footpath in Colchester, Essex at 10.40 AM. It is feared and believed the attack was a race-hate, provoked by her choice of dress code. A man aged 52 was arrested on relevance to this incident and is being held on custody.

Now being told what happened, why is this not in news? Why would not anyone raise their voice for a student who opt to wear a cloak? Is this double standards? Or is a Muslims blood so cheap it should/will not be spoken of?

CCTV Footage showing Nahid 20 mins. before the attack