Thursday, May 29, 2014

Poverty and Capitalism - The Ignored Visible Link!

Brazil is in the uproar for the FIFA with the common slogan being chanted around and graffiti popped about saying "F*** FIFA". It is a society that draws the line of disparity of wealth, while there are other needs as sanitation, health and education in Brazil, the Brazilians consider FIFA as a pooling of their money to already filled money banks! The uproar can be for the first time or something new but the money loot and extravagance expenditure is not for the first time globally, it just happens everywhere! While a part of the country is starving in hunger and ailments and are denied financial aid or deprived of monetary support there is the elites of the country in lush celebrations where 'only the chosen' is privileged!

Speaking of poverty... if you have something to eat 3 times a day and good clothes to cloth yourself on then definitely there is something you can do for the one who has not these!! We are all in the position to answer for the sufferings of our brothers and sisters!!

If poverty is a problem persisting in all the countries what can exactly be the reason for it? If we have money for war, money for extravagant celebrations why have we not the money to end poverty?

The concern on poverty is growing among the masses, but nothing will change unless we change the system!!