Thursday, March 6, 2014

What if a Kid from London Had the Life of a Syrian Kid?

A harrowing video has clearly depict the horror in life faced by a British 6 year old if war is at home in London. 

This strong video conveyed the powerful message of insentitivness leaving a million viewers haunted with the end lines "Just because it isn't happening here, doesn't mean it is not happening"  . The video has reached three million views from the time it was published in Wednesday. 

The birthday starting with happiness and love around the 6 year old soon turns into a night mare with rockets and shells killing people around her and reducing her home to rubble. 

The Charity Save the Children has created this video with the hope of creating awareness among the public who lack the knowledge about the plight of Syrian kids. 

"We hope the video will resonate with members of the public, particularly those who don’t know much about the situation in Syria so they can really understand the plight of innocent Syrian children." said Jake Lundi, Director of Brand and Communications at Save The Children.
It is a sad situation where there are people who are yet blind to the happenings of Syria, especially the distress of the kids. In a recent campaign to raise donations for the kids of Syria during winter, I found a comment in a post that really left me speechless about the height of ignorance and in-sensitivity show by a mother! "Kids in snow is not a big deal, my kids also do play in snow, so stop making a mess out of the kids in Syria!" 
As anyone my first reaction was rage and anger, it was not just me but a reaction from many other public who had read her comment. Yes! It is not one person there are many out there who have the least idea about what is going on Syria, only because it is not them or their kids who are in this plight! 
Many among us have all what we need and are now striving for those what we want. We are so caught up in making ourselves more comfortable, our materialistic desires plunged us to a state where we are not yet enough of what we have, that no one really has the time to spare to look around those who have not the basic necessities, those who have no way of living a life. 
Are we not told the ummah is like one body, if a part of it is in pain the whole body should feel it? But today are we really as one? The disease of consumerism in minds have kept some busy craving for more materialistic possessions, the pride of nationalism, creeds and caste make others insensitive to humanity  around! We can change the plight of our brothers and sisters in Syria, not just Syria but in every part of the world, but this change cannot be brought by a single individuals alone, but by the unison of all of us beyond our geographical boundaries!
Ya Umaah! Wake Up!

"Just because it isn't happening here, doesn't mean it is not happening"