Sunday, February 2, 2014

Island of Dolls

Just south of Mexico city, between the canals of Xochimico you can find an island, which has now turned into a hot tourist spot.Unlike the area around it which is inhabited by thousands of humans, this island is home to hundreds horrible mutilated DOLLS!

Imagine walking into an Island and hundreds of creepy glazed eyes watching you from every corner!! 

The trees of this island are decorated with dolls some headless, severed limbs and others disfigured, cuteness and loveliness of them have moved beyond evilness and disturbance. 

This island is known as Isla de la Munecas (The Island of Dolls) and it has a really sad and yet creepy story behind it, which has the least possibilities to turn this place into a  tourist attraction site. 

The Legends

The stories start back in time when a little girl was said to be found drowned mysteriously on this island and now these dolls are being possessed with her spirit. There are also some local legends claiming that the dolls have been spotted moving their hands and heads and some have witnessed them whispering to one another. Actually, that is some stuff hard to believe and it is in no way possessed by a spirit of a little girl who no one has in definite witnessed, but still this is a creepy place for a tourist. 

The Truth

The truth behind this Island is also ambiguous with a lot of twists and questions still unanswered. Julian was the caretaker of the island and once have witnessed the girl drowned mysteriously. Later somewhere in 1950, he saw a doll floating in the canal which some assume to be the girls' doll, he hung it up in a tree as a honour for her spirit, also reasoning to his family that that the doll would keep away bad spirits. There are also questions raised on the existence of the drowned girl as some conclude it was a story Julian created to accompany his solitude.

That creepy smile!

Allegedly Julian started collecting dolls and hanging them up in the trees to please the spirit of the girl. People also claim that Julian too was possessed by the spirit and was highly disturbed by the fact he could not save the girls life. He spent 50 years in collecting dolls and adorning the tress with them.

With Julian passing away on April 17th 2011, which the locals claimed was in the same canal the little girl was found dead, this place has become famous and attracts a lot of tourists. The inhabitants of the area still venerate this island as a charmed place. They say "The Island accepts you or rejects you" as they believe that Julian was killed by the dolls.

Ultimately act of Julian in passing his time and accompanying his isolation has paved way for a lot of creepy stories and the birth of a creepy tourist spot!

Photo Credits: Viral Nova