Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why Cannot Muslims Untangle Themselves From Interest?

Interest has become an inevitable fact we are dealing with. Bank loans, credit cards, fixed deposits etc all are involved with interest where we either become the giver or gainer of interest. We are incessantly questioned that why Islam has prohibited interest if it has had a forecast on how the system will be in the future.

Capitalism originated under the European dominion years after the Islam was spread and practiced. Though the significance of capitalism during the initials periods were great progress, increased productions, utilizing the natural resources at national levels and improvised standard of living for the working ; today it has resulted in divided wealth where one part of the world starves while other has in excess. Todays' capitalistic society has originated from the basis of usury and monopoly which Islam has strictly prohibited in Islam, which clearly defines the incompatibility of Capitalism and Islamic ruling (Shariah). The development of capitalism from its early benign phase to present profoundly unfair phase was accompanied  by national loan, which led to the creation of banks. These  banks which provided loans in advance in return for some interest played an important role in the financial operations of a capitalistic society in which powers gradually have been transferred to these centers which are based on usury.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Island of Dolls

Just south of Mexico city, between the canals of Xochimico you can find an island, which has now turned into a hot tourist spot.Unlike the area around it which is inhabited by thousands of humans, this island is home to hundreds horrible mutilated DOLLS!

Imagine walking into an Island and hundreds of creepy glazed eyes watching you from every corner!! 

The trees of this island are decorated with dolls some headless, severed limbs and others disfigured, cuteness and loveliness of them have moved beyond evilness and disturbance. 

This island is known as Isla de la Munecas (The Island of Dolls) and it has a really sad and yet creepy story behind it, which has the least possibilities to turn this place into a  tourist attraction site.