Wednesday, November 13, 2013

"I do not brag of my former position, yes I am a 32 degree mason, in the inner temple."

A Muslim brother speaks of his former Masonic life. 

"I think it started when I was 13, there was a satanist who marked me, but actually it went back further than that. My Grandfather on my Mothers side was a master mason, and on my Father's side , well a whole lot of them. My family on my Father's side, come from Germany. We use to go to the rotary club Herman Blumenau a lot as a kid, the lions club, and other rotary clubs which are a part of the Illuminati network. 

My Mother was a witch, and my Grandmother was a spiritualist, a movement started by H.P. Blavantsky in the 1800's, her works paved the way for the new age movement (new world order). Blavantsky is a open Luciferian, she had a publication called Lucifer. It is still being published under the name Lucis Trust,  they have a web site, they teach that Jesus is really Lucifer. 

So, with this background and a fellow classmate marking me for Satan  I broke my christian ties, and swore allegiance to Satan. At 16 I read the complete bible , and found all the contradictions and used this to destroy people's faith, a false faith , but to turn them to Satan. At 18 I received my first sorcerer tools as a gift, if they are gifted they are more powerful than if you make them yourself. I got my wand, my chalice, my pentacle, my sword, and more grimoires (magic text ). 

I self initiated and grew more and more in power, but power is like a drug, the more you have the more you want. I thought I was a god, that I would be reborn and make my own universes as it expands and govern over my own realm, that is what we are taught. 

I could read signs, tarot, runes at first communication with the demons with a Ouija board also, but later communicated with them in my mind. I was opening the seven chakras with magic to prepare for the 33 degree, where I would be entered by a spirit and share my body. I have been possessed by spirits, but if I had continued they would have been given permeate possession. I would astral travel to secret meetings on a spiritual plane, all real meetings are there, the meetings in the buildings are for the uninitiated, who are slowly being sucked in , and the ones we see that will accept Satan as master will be moved up, the others will support our cause unknowingly by their donations, and fund raising benefits, on the outside it looks like we are just a club for men to help the community.

In reality Freemasons are satanic and worship Lucifer. I could read peoples minds, command the spirits with my mind, without having to light candles or tying knots, and see people and places from far distances. I was making 750 a week, didn't hardly work, had owned over 35 cars, and 8 motorcycles, had a 3000 square foot 4 bedroom brick house. And I have given it all up, I was a tattoo artist, but even though I could go back and tattoo, as they all want me back at every shop in town, I won't do it. I could save myself , most of the business here are masonic, all the judges in the courts are, and anyone in high rank position is also.  The grand lodge is here, for all of Texas  so they really want me to leave.

I have received three warnings already, a Jew came and said I would be found later in a shallow grave, after being missed by my friends, and I should stop what I am doing. Also, my face book has been seized, and wouldn't work from all my anti masonic post. Then when I posted an anti masonic video, when I went to check if it posted properly , it came out not with the movie I posted, but with a movie titled "death wish" lastly they reminded me of the oath of silence encumbered on all masons , enforced by death. I do not fear them , and I will expose them for what they are . 

Some strange occurrences began happening in my life. First in January  my wife , who was 23 was suppose to come back. I went to the airport, and waited for 6 hours , she never got off. I cried for three hours driving home, thinking she left me. A week later, I get a phone call from her family asking where is she, she was supposed to call when she got back to the U.S. neither one of us knew where she was, I called the police here, they called the police in the Ukraine. Only a month and a half ago her lawyer calls and says she wants a divorce, so for 7 months she let us believe she was dead. Double heart break . 

Also, I was one of the top artist in my area, with a nice following, I know everyone here and am friends or have worked with someone from every tattoo shop, and am known. I always go to work early, put out great work, and am known for my good customer relations and artwork, but I got fired??? I said to my mom, this isn't natural, God must have done this, there is no other explanation.

I didn't get mad though or curse god like I would have use to, I said he has plans for me, that was so unlike me. Also I started smoking marijuana at 13 I swore I would never quit , and would take it to my grave, but I developed allergic reaction to smoking it , causing my throat to close up , and I could not breathe after smoking, I went to the emergency room twice. God caused this too. 

These three things God has made my path straight. I don't want to tattoo no more. I think God has plans for my life, in sha Allah."

Brother *Bilal, was willing to share his story in order to expose the truth of the Illuminati, and on facing number of death threats he is now currently moving away from his home in Texas. He is now engaged in Dawah,May Allah bless him.

It is not the journey that matters, but your final destination.......

*His name has been changed