Sunday, November 24, 2013

Forgot to Be Oppressed, Busy Being Awesome

There are many people in the internet I have come across, concerned about my liberty and who spend their valuable time to convince me that I am oppressed through Islam. My rights in my choice of education, marriage and even my religion, the right of inheritance of property and maintaining it have been conferred upon me by Islam even before that of my birth, factually there is no oppression I face.

Persistent misconception about the liberty of Muslim women is the hijab and social mingling with men. Before moving into my topic I will have to state something important, the current laws and practices of 'moral' are secular, and they are subjected to changes with time and understanding and has ample disparities between different cultures, regions of a country and countries. You will come to realise why I had to mention this, keep reading....

Speaking of Hijabs, hijab is not only the covering for head or modest clothes but it also implies for the behaviour in adherence to the Islamic law. Why would anyone consider hijab as an oppression, while many women have chosen to expose themselves our choice is to cover up ourselves?

Switch on the television, there pops an advert on tooth brushes with women in erotic clothing. When driving on a highway do you not notice billboards bombarded with the images of women in immodest clothing and shameless postures? Are not women in the developed and modernised countries made to strip and dance in hotels and clubs?
In the past women were sticking to much modest clothing but with the so called development and modernization the morals of a society is diminishing. Earlier women were expected to be modestly dressed and now if she is dressed the same way, she is taunted as backward, uncivilized and undeveloped. Is not that funny how a persons development and intelligence can be judged by their clothing or being more specific on the degree of exposing their body. This is not liberty for women, but instead being made as mere objects of entertainment and business.

People  are so careful and circumspect about  their jewels, gold, diamonds in safes and lock them up and yet they have other cheaper items as ornamental displays that can attract many eyes. Hijab is our shield and protection, has not then Islam raised the value of women much worth than diamonds and gold? But still some repudiate, is not it evident from nature that the most valuable of the things are always concealed (not exposed) like the diamonds and gold deep in earth and the pearls within shells? Hijab is our choice, to please our creator a protection that also dignifies us.

Muslim women are also ordered not to be deluded themselves or beguile others in elaborate tons of make-up and surgeries, fake eyelashes, wigs and plucking eye brows. Every woman is beautiful and perfect as the creation of Allah and we are happy with what we are. Islam which promotes us to be the way how we are and hijab has also been a reason to attract many non-muslim women to embrace Islam, while some still condemn it.

As I have discussed in status of women in Islam, Muslim women have the rights to exit their houses, drive vehicles and also to engage in any jobs of their aspiration. Again something that really troubles people is why Muslim women do not shake hands with men. There was a story I read that is possibly the best answer to this raised question and also a  secular example for our status. The story goes this way,

An atheist and a Muslim man in conversation, the atheist asked "Why can't Muslim women shake hands with men or even touch them?" he added "Does it mean Muslim men are perverted and can't control their behaviours?" 

The Muslim man smiles and replies, "Could the Queen of England handclasp with everyone or could every man touch her?" 

The atheist replies angrily, "No! She is the Queen not an ordinary person, how can a man in the street touch her? Only specific people can shake hands and communicate with her" 
The Muslim man replied "All Muslim women are Queens!" 

Well, in-fact Islam is treating us the way secularists treat their Queen. That is some fact I pride myself with and this not oppression for me. Enjoying the dignity Islam bestowed upon us, Muslims women including me are busy in our journey in this Earth; preparing for an eternal bliss.

The actual oppression that has started to emerge is from secularists who try to free us from the non-existing oppression and are actually the oppressors and making innocent women the victims for their islamophobe.

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