Sunday, November 17, 2013

Born into Brothels - Documentary

Born into Brothels was an Oscar winning film about the life of 8 kids in a brothel, in Calcutta, India.

Ms. Zana Brisky on her visit to a red light district in Calcutta India, was moved and involved in the chaotic lives of kids born and brought up in the brothel. Zana involves in teaching the kids to use cameras as she provides them with it and also makes an attempt to educate the kids in boarding school as where they can eventually escape from the brothel and the 'in line' family business.

The film is also an insight to the kids emotions, who were all aged between 9 to 15,  and displays a hidden community beyond the red light borders, where people are oblivious of mercy, love and kindness to one another. The kids though were at the blooming ages og their life still knew what their destiny was, As Gour (13, male) says Zana that he wishes to take Puja (11, female) away from her likely future of a sex worker. Zana undergoes many legislative problems when she tries admitting the kids to boarding schools and on accomplishing it only a very few decide to remain in schools while the rest returned back to the brothel.

Though these children were not pampered or showered with the love like any other kid of their age, were exposed to a community where mean and bad words were a part of the communication, the innocence of their childhood was not lost. They had aspirations of leading a life in city, educated and respected manner. Each kid had interests as flying kites, painting etc. And with Zana introducing them the photography class they were happy and excited in her classes. Most of all the kids wanted a happy life no matter rich or poor.

The movie highlights the dark side of a a developing society, a community behind the closed doors hidden away from the luxuries and happiness we have. Watching through the movie we can understand apart from the troubles Zana faces by the kids family when trying to board them in schools, the reaction from the society and the legislative that is a drawback for the education of such deprived kids.

The parents of these kids who are uneducated and also poor have no other means of income but  prostitution, is not this an outcome of an unfair system of Capitalism, where the rich gets richer, While the poor have been pushed far as back into these filth and the even the kids are destined to be in this life?

On watching the Documentary which was filmed in 2004, anyone would want to know what happened to these kids thereafter.
Here are a few updates as on 2007:

Kochi - (Monty) She is living and studying at FutureHope. Kochi now speaks fluent English and enjoys science, in addition to playing the violin and the cello. 

Avjit - Avjit completed his first year of high school in U.S in 2005. After spending  this past summer in Sundance Film lab, he is now in his junior year at a private school in Sale Lake City. He participated in the "Show and Tell" exhibit at Zimmers Children Museum in LA. this Spring.

Shanthi - Was again accepted into FutureHope, studying in eighth grade and is now excelling in her academics.

Manik - Is now in his second year at FutureHope, which he really enjoys. He recently traveled to Sikkim on a trip with his classmates. Manik often visits his mom and still flies kites. 

Gour - Refused to leave the brothel; he does not want to leave his mom. But he plans to attend college in near future. 

Puja - Lives in brothel.

Tapasi - Left Sabera earlier this year and is attending a  local school. She enjoys singing and sewing. Her younger sister is staying at Sabera foundation. 

Suchitra - Is living at home and working for a local NGO.