Thursday, October 24, 2013

The New Journey

The amenity of life is not in being through the flawless path but rather the changes we inculcate for the redemption. It is the drawbacks and flaws from our end that make the person we are today. The tribulations sent to us are always blessings in disguise as they only make us aware of our creator and make us turn towards him, it is either that one incident we understand about our creator or we realise the path we are travelling in is wrong. It can be the acumen or intuition but at the end everyone is exposed to the truth.

 "All truth passes through 3 stages. First it is ridiculed, Second it is violently opposed, Third it is accepted as being self -evident." ~ Arthur Schopenhaeur

Islam is recorded as the fastest growing religion on the face of Earth, and we know every year people in millions are reverting back to Islam, turning towards the truth, accepting Allah as their creator. Everyone have had many reasons which made them turns towards Islam and the story of our new brothers and sisters embracing Islam has always been inspiring and shows the mercy of our Al-mighty Allah.

 'All praise is to Allah alone' our new brothers and sisters excel in their dedication, piety and love to Islam and their involvement in Dawah is also influential. They are not only an example for the rest of Muslims but are also positive impression for other prospect reverts.

I have always have respect and a special admiration for my new sisters and brothers in Islam. I am awed at their seek for knowledge and truth which has brought them from shirk to thawheed. I Love knowing why they had chosen Islam, how they came towards the right path and in what way has Allah bestowed the blessings and miracles to them as I know this could be a reminder towards our lord for us and also inspire more people about the religion of truth. 

Why Do People Revert? 

The rate of conversions have been hard to be tracked down as few mosques in Britain and US have record of their members, also while very few do not wish to disclose their identity due to the fear of rejection from society and family. But of the reasons surveyed especially in the Britain and USA the reason for many new believers to accept faith is because of the obscenity of the society they live in and the Islamic ways of averting them and especially the dignity and the status of women have been a reason to attract prospective female believers.

"And certainly, We shall test you with something of fear, hunger, loss of wealth, lives and fruits, but give glad tidings to As-Sabirin (the patient ones, etc.)." [Al - Baqarah 2:155]

Prisons have been fertile bases for accepting faith. The secluded life therein and also the exposure to Quran and sufficient time for insights had been  reasons for the dawning of truth among many people. Some speculate as they are undergone excruciating pains and tortures and forced to embrace Islam which is evidently fake as many agree they have seen inner peace through Islam. Those who are desolate and having greater tribulations and losses at life have also been the part of new believers as their circumstance leads then in search of happiness and paves way for truth.

Intellectual Thinking

Quran is none but the words of Allah, he calls upon humanity at large addresses them and orders them to contemplate over the authenticity of the Quran using intellectual reasoning, critical thinking and also reflection. Quran has been providing more than enough examples to analyse the truth therein.  Critical thinking only involves in developing an individuals life and also to be unbiased and delve into information to seek the truth. The journey of intellectual thinking has been a reason for the journey into Islam and on accepting faith on a religion based on logical thinking and reasoning. 

Turning back to Islam in nonetheless but Allah's gift but still the ability is intellectual reasoning gifted from the almighty plays an important role in deciding the right path and walking towards victory.