Friday, October 18, 2013

Mockery On A Haji?

Well with the Hajj 2013 the best revolving picture in the internet is the picture of this Haji with a sling in hand.

Everyone seem to have taken great pleasure in mocking and joking and this Haji, but here is the original picture and also the Photoshop of the image one that is revolving in the internet. While we have been here in the internet all day doing good and bad , taking pleasure of what dunya has offered us has not Allah blessed him with the chance to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam? Who is the one to be pitied here?

The mockeries and laughs at him are just blessings for him in disguise (Intentionally or unintentionally)  from Allah, to raise his status in Jannah, but to those of us who are laughing at him what do we get in return? 

Many people Muslims and non-Muslims are busy in sharing this picture having two different mindsets in viewing this fake picture. Muslims view it as a concept of innovation and creativity to over come and fulfill his duty while Islamophobes and haters depict this picture as a form of aggressiveness and violence or whatsoever that can run in their minds

Apart from the fact this being fake, it's is not an innovation and cannot be feasible, today it is a sling, tomorrow gun and the next day what can it be? Let's not try to infuse our technology and creativity into religious acts Allah had ordered us to do. 

Allah knows best, let him protect us from these kinds of sins!