Thursday, October 24, 2013

The New Journey

The amenity of life is not in being through the flawless path but rather the changes we inculcate for the redemption. It is the drawbacks and flaws from our end that make the person we are today. The tribulations sent to us are always blessings in disguise as they only make us aware of our creator and make us turn towards him, it is either that one incident we understand about our creator or we realise the path we are travelling in is wrong. It can be the acumen or intuition but at the end everyone is exposed to the truth.

 "All truth passes through 3 stages. First it is ridiculed, Second it is violently opposed, Third it is accepted as being self -evident." ~ Arthur Schopenhaeur

Islam is recorded as the fastest growing religion on the face of Earth, and we know every year people in millions are reverting back to Islam, turning towards the truth, accepting Allah as their creator. Everyone have had many reasons which made them turns towards Islam and the story of our new brothers and sisters embracing Islam has always been inspiring and shows the mercy of our Al-mighty Allah.

 'All praise is to Allah alone' our new brothers and sisters excel in their dedication, piety and love to Islam and their involvement in Dawah is also influential. They are not only an example for the rest of Muslims but are also positive impression for other prospect reverts.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Hijab At Your Wedding

Hijab is not just a covering of your head or a sense of fashion but rather it is a mark of piety and symbol of faith. Wearing it you are pleasing Allah and you would also be rewarded. It should totally be on the understanding you are doing it to please the Almighty not merely to please your parents or spouses.

Alhamdulillah many sisters have the practice of wearing hijab from their teens even though it is not enforced as a law especially in non-Muslim countries. We are also able to witness women in Islam working in various sectors but still guard their chastity and their modesty by wearing the hijab.

Sisters wearing hijab and modest clothing beautiful in the eyes of Allah take a complete change when it comes to one important event of their lives, their weddings. Marriage is a sacred covenant between the husband and wife and Allah it is also a start of a new life which they will have to start with the blessings and happiness of Allah but what is it that most of them pay attention to? Yes, the beauty from the eyes of others and appreciation of the creations and they completely forget the creator.

And unfortunately sisters also have a 'excuses' for removing the hijab.
'It is grandeur without hijab'
'It is just one day, it is not a 'big sin' '
'I look beautiful without hijab in my wedding dress'

Friday, October 18, 2013

Mockery On A Haji?

Well with the Hajj 2013 the best revolving picture in the internet is the picture of this Haji with a sling in hand.

Everyone seem to have taken great pleasure in mocking and joking and this Haji, but here is the original picture and also the Photoshop of the image one that is revolving in the internet. While we have been here in the internet all day doing good and bad , taking pleasure of what dunya has offered us has not Allah blessed him with the chance to fulfill the fifth pillar of Islam? Who is the one to be pitied here?

The mockeries and laughs at him are just blessings for him in disguise (Intentionally or unintentionally)  from Allah, to raise his status in Jannah, but to those of us who are laughing at him what do we get in return? 

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Subliminal Messages From Disney!

Yes, most of us have grown up with Disney, but have we in our conscious minds ever realized the subliminal messages therein? 

Our mind is ready to accept, follow and be controlled over what we see and hear rather than what we understand, psychological studies prove. But seeing is not only what is perceived by our  conscious mind but what about the perception below our threshold? 

Subliminal messages can be rather said as images that are simple containing a hidden information or message that our unconscious mind perceives and we are tend to act on it which rather we would not do ordinarily. Subliminal ideas though originated with the idea of provoking emotions among humans and mainly been thrust into the advertising industry was proven to be ambiguous as it can instill negativity or rather control an individuals mind.The infused pictures or texts or statements are perceived by the unconscious visual and auditory of an individual manipulating without their own knowledge.

Study by professor Nillie Lavie as published in journal Emotion, shows that people are able to process emotional information from subliminal messages and also that in these conditions the mind can perceive the negative information much better than that of the positive values.

What are the reasons for the increased crimes? or I may ask it as what makes peoples' entry into jails increase at present context? Sex, Violence and Artificial drugs. What if these are the messages your mind perceives from your favorite cartoons?

Here are a few pictures from Disney....