Monday, September 16, 2013

We Need a Khilafate!!

Don't you think Muslims have become the target of attacks everywhere, yet we are taunted as terrorists? 

What is happening in Syria, Egypt, Burma... the list goes on. What is happening to the Muslims? Are we waiting for some help from the 'Democratic' country of our? or from 'Democratic' Muslim countries?? 

Democracy is way for the evil to take lead, it is a plain secular system of rule, man made for man to convince and fulfill all his needs. It is and never will be the system of life that will eradicate poverty, gambling, crimes and discrimination from our society!!!

I know the next question anyone will shoot at me is, "then what is the solution???"

Have you all forgotten my brothers and system, leave the secular laws, our problems cannot be solved unless we follow the divine rules, unless we follow the shariah, the Law from the creator himself. Allahu akbar.

Ok, I get what your second question is... "How can we implement Shariah?"

Easy, remember the times back from our beloved prophet Muhammed sallahu walaihi Wasallam? We need the Islamic state, a Khilafath. We need an Islamic state that can unite the ummah, beyond the geographical barriers. We are Muslims before whatever nations we belong to... We need to build a khilafah. 

Khilafah is not a future dream, we should work towards it, be aware of it and make others aware.