Thursday, September 5, 2013

Is Pakistan a Mistake?

Islam and Modern History is a critique of the Islam in the current context about the Muslim intellectuals in the Islamic world rather specifically Arab, Turkey, Pakistan and India. The author Wilfred Cantwell Smith Canadian professor of Comparative religions, regards  that the creation of Pakistan is nothing but a mistake. The author vehemently condemns the Pakistanis for idealizing the past.

He says "It is impossible indeed meaningless, to try to reproduce in one age, the government of another. Pakistan cannot relieve a segment of the history of Arabia"

and the author in his book has spoken of a lavishing future the Muslims in India can have:
" In the 1030's Hussain Ahmed Madani, pronouncing India to be the nation of its Muslims, provoked from Muhammed Iqbal a scornful retort in poetry that a Muslim can have no other nation than Islam. Recent events have atleast begun to dislodge this conviction. The Indian Muslims have seen law and order prevail. They have seen how police have stopped fanatic Hindu riots against them and how the government has prevented the conversion of a mosque into a Hindu temple. They find themselves free to practise and preach their religion. Not much reflection is needed to realize that the welfare of the Muslims in India depends on secular state. Whatever traditional theology says, secularism works. As a result, relatively few Indian Muslims still cling to the Islamic state idea."

Wilfred Cantwell Smith has failed to realize that Islam is not mere system of belief and faith but rather that is a complete way of life that us feasible and has the solutions for almost all the world dominant problems the secular laws have made us face.

The Islamic culture and way of life is irreconcilable with the Hindu culture, it is not going to make Islam expressive if we start compromising with non-Muslim culture. We have plenty of incidents to show where some Indian Muslims have forgotten what Islam is are all about and have started adopting Hindu culture, going as far as to shirk.

Due to the fact there has been corruptions in the government judging Pakistan as a mistake is completely a baseless view. Pakistan is the necessity for the complete expression of the Islamic civilization in the Eastern part of the world. Even as the Pakistani Muslims fail to make the maximum effort of their potentialities yet still they have more chances to represent an Islamic state while Indian Muslims are lacking it.

You never asked for to be born a Pakistani, yet you are one blessed! What have you done to make your country represent the Islamic civilization? What is being done to implement the shariah that can lead to the unity of the ummah? After analyzing the whole Muslim world under Democracy, I don;t think it is been any edge over the khilafate. Khilafate was our shield and it is lost today. The western capitalistic and colonist regimes are shaking each branch of the ummah tree one by one. What do you want? Do you want Democracy that  isolates and alienate Muslims or the Khilafate that unites and bring victory to us?