Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Are Muslims Fundamentalists?

Now that is one questions being often hurled at Muslims and moreover called as Terrorists too, on the contradictory Islam has become the fastest growing religion in the world too.

Of course Muslims are fundamentalists, as fundamentalists is referring to anyone who strictly adhere to the fundamentals of the doctrine or ideology they follow and never compromise on it.  A doctor can be the best if he follows the fundamentals on the medicine, similarly a true Muslim will be follow the fundamentals of Islam. Fundamentalists overall cannot be categorized to good or bad, it is based on the fundamental they are following. A thief following the fundamentals in it is bad and a doctor following the fundamentals of medicine is good.

Muslims follow the holy Quran, we abide by it, there isn't a fundamental of Islam that causes harm to human kind. Plenty of people have misconceptions about Islam and the fact is because they lack proper knowledge and understanding on Islam.

Questioning a religion to know the truth is right but abusing and spreading misconceptions without proper realization shows the individuals weakness and leads them astray!

Jazak Allahu Khairan to -Dr. Zakir Naik (Answering Non- Muslims)